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Q&As with the change-making women we honored in 2022.

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Bee Shapiro

Founder of Ellis Brooklyn

At my core, I’m probably a workaholic.
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Catarina Oliveira

Founder and CEO of Hey Harper

It's scary sometimes, because you're always doing things for the first time, but the tenacity to just go and not give up is what will make you succeed.
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Jerry Wang

eCommerce Director, Americas at RIMOWA

A great marketer should be open to testing new ideas but also know when to pivot when something isn't working.
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Lillian ‘FlexMami’ Ahenkan

Founder at Flex Factory

I share my thoughts over as many mediums as possible. I'm a Professional Opinion Haver of sorts.
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Lindsay Albright

Director of Retention at MeUndies

I think every company, especially eCommerce businesses, need to view themselves as a tech company.
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Aoife Dowling

Agency and Tech Partnerships Lead, EMEA at Shopify

I’m mission-driven, and really need a vision I can connect to.
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Julie Mathers

Founder, Flora & Fauna

I am a purpose-driven human in and out of work.
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LaToya Tucciarone

CEO and Founder of SustainAble Home Goods

I think the key to maintaining an innovative edge lies in curiosity. Always stay curious.
Innovator Read more >

Ashmi Turakhia

VP, Enterprise Analytics at rue21

I am always on the lookout for new learning and professional development opportunities.
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Cherish Reardon

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Popsy Clothing

My team is like my second family.
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Kim Zorn

Global Performance Director, Princess Polly

I truly believe that diversity gets answers in a room and inclusion brings the answer to the table.
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Criney Insalata

Co-Founder at BOBOU BEAUTY

I have always been a great believer in having a diverse team of people who bring a different point of view from mine.
Innovator Read more >

Megan Pedersen

Founder at steep & mellow

I’ve always wanted to create something of my own that would inspire others to become the best and brightest versions of themselves.
Founder Read more >

Chaz Olajide

Founder at Sir Dogwood

Our mission is to help make the pet industry more inclusive by supporting women and BIPOC-led brands.
Rising Star Read more >

Aisha Chottani

Founder and CEO at Moment

I am very persistent, and challenges make me even more determined to strive harder.
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Annette Azan

Founder and CEO of Nuudii System

I'm known as the Archer. I carefully aim and get to my goal!
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Ericka Dichy

Founder and CEO at Midsummer Skin

I'm a passionate entrepreneur who enjoys inspiring others to follow and pursue their dreams.
Innovator Read more >

Liat Zakay

Director of Product, Shopify

Leveraging the blockchain and NFT is the next big trend and brands will experiment with new ways to deepen their relationships with customers.
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Arielle Mojica

Director of Retention & Community at Legends

I'm ramping up on all performance channels to deliver across the digital landscape.
Rising Star Read more >

Chloe Simpson

Media Strategist, Performance Marketing at Lulus

Great ideas can come from anyone, and everyone on our team has their own unique perspective to offer that could illuminate new avenues!
Innovator Read more >

Kate Massey

Head of APAC at Searchspring

My fierce resilience is my superpower, allowing me to dig into challenges and figure out winning solutions for our customers, team, and network of partners.
Innovator Read more >

Ashley Scorpio

SVP Partnerships, Hawke Media

You never know what's going to work unless you do extensive market research, analyze data, and constantly evolve.
Marketer Read more >

NJ Falk

Managing Partner at APL

Because change is a constant, I think the key 2022 trend is the ability to be nimble and adapt.
Leader Read more >

Ashleigh Murray

SVP eCommerce (Global), Lyre's Spirit Co

Cultivating compassion, creativity, and calm not only makes you a great leader but a great marketer.
Marketer Read more >

Shivani Majewski

Senior Director, Salesforce practice, Slalom

Being a role model for other strong, diverse female leaders in tech is something I am incredibly proud of.
Leader Read more >

Sara Levitt

eCommerce Manager at Noize

To be able to see the evolution and direct impact an initiative has is fuel to my fire!
Rising Star Read more >

Jennifer Le

Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Shopify Plus

I’m quite driven and resourceful, yet empathic to the world around me.
Rising Star Read more >

Jenna Messer

Vice President, Loyalty Marketing at, Inc.

I push to think like the customer and make it easier for her to express, connect, and celebrate.
Marketer Read more >

Chantel Brayley

Head of Brand Marketing, Petal & Pup

I think a marketer needs to be able to manage three constants: data, passion, and change.
Marketer Read more >

MaryAnn Bekkedahl

SVP, Business Development & Partnerships at BigCommerce

I set clear goals for my team, and I'm there to help prioritize, strategize, and clear obstacles.
Leader Read more >

Roxanne Goldfinch

Global Chief of Staff at Astound Commerce

I like to make space for continual and reciprocal feedback loops to constantly improve relationships and productivity.
Leader Read more >

Shannon Goldberg

Chief Zero Waste Officer at Izzy Zero Waste Beauty

I'm someone who cares an awful lot about driving meaningful change whenever possible.
Innovator Read more >

Laura Doonin

Director, Sales & Marketing, at Moustache Republic

I believe in setting objectives, trusting your people, and getting out of the way.
Leader Read more >

Nicole Baqai

Senior Partner Manager, East at Gorgias

I'm very excited to own and launch a product that hasn't existed before in eCommerce.
Rising Star Read more >

Lauren McLeod

Director of Product at Athletic Brewing

I fell into product management by way of caring too much about the consumer journey and solving problems.
Rising Star Read more >

Isabel Tschuden

Head of Marketing, DACH at Overdose

I believe that success lies in making difficult decisions — the ones that ultimately bring you the most progress.
Marketer Read more >

Paula Baker-Parkin

Head of Online at Nourished

Whilst going through a divorce and looking after two young children, I built a business from a little table in my living room to a six figure turnover with 10 members of staff.
Rising Star Read more >

Lynette Cano

Founder and President of Sancho & Lola's Closet

I think it's important to be proactive in order to manage expectations with customers, employees, and colleagues.
Founder Read more >


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