2024 Honorees

Allison Kelly

Chief Revenue Officer

“Every single thing that we do as leaders boils down to people.”


Tell us about your company and role.

Over 1,700 D2C brands like Andie Swim, Knix, and Bonafide Health trust Digioh’s identification and personalization suite to fuel their growth. Digioh helps brands identify more, know more, personalize more, convert more, while spending less. D2C stores using Digioh see an average of 5x increase in identified site visitors, 3x growth in onsite conversions, and 10% of total online revenue share driven by Digioh. As Chief Revenue Officer at Digioh, I work closely with departments across the organization to drive success, and partner closely with customers to help enable their success too.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a veteran eCommerce industry geek. After spending the last 12 years in the eCommerce technology space at early-stage startups and partnering with over 10,000 eCommerce brands, 

this is the only way I can describe myself. During this time, I’ve kept my head down, focused on development of new technologies, integrations, and strategies that fuel long-term SaaS and eCommerce growth – rarely taking credit for many of the things that I’ve either done or contributed to, because “credit” doesn’t really matter to me.  I’m always pushing myself, and those around me, to go further and think about solutions for larger issues that eCommerce brands face that they may not even know about or see coming yet. To me, this is a way of serving and giving back to an industry I love and am still fascinated by to this very day.

What qualities does an effective marketer need to have?

Humility, vision and the ability to take what I call “informed risks”,  courage to take action, immense perseverance (despite oftentimes what others may think or say), and an innate ability to bring others along with them as vision and action combine to become the reality of “innovation success”.

What has been your biggest professional success so far?

My biggest success has been the people around me that I’ve been able to grow, mentor, disciple, and see them develop and grow – and often – move on to bigger adventures. Every single thing that we do as leaders (and if you’re an innovator, you’re also a leader) boils down to people. And in order to be successful and continue that success, you have to be able to effectively work, learn, and grow yourself through people too.

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What causes are you most passionate about?

I entered the software industry at a time when women were not as well represented, especially women in leadership positions. As a mom of three daughters, my courage, ethics, and passion have stemmed from what I’d like for them to see in me as a role model as a working woman. I’m passionate for advancing women into leadership roles in the industry, and for finding what balance may mean to working moms.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce brands?

Personally, I think eCommerce brands have an incredibly, unending challenge of always trying to figure out how to orient their people, processes, and platform selection to get ahead of the ever-shifting consumer. Balancing a top-line revenue target, while maintaining margins, and trying to satisfy consumers – that’s a hard, uphill battle, always. 

What's your favorite loyalty program or subscription offering from an eCommerce brand?

I’d be foolish if I didn’t share Death Wish Coffee here, and also share their Digioh-powered subscription quiz

What do you geek out over?

eCommerce software innovations and development for helping brands do more with less. We could probably talk about that for hours. Or, we can talk Disney – your choice!