2024 Honorees

Anne Moulet

Customer Success Lead

“Adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience are amongst my biggest strengths. ”


Tell us about your company and role.

I am Customer Success Lead at Woolman, one of the largest Shopify Plus agencies, where I oversee the agency’s strategic clients and partnerships. My role involves building strong and meaningful relationships with key stakeholders to enhance and secure our clients’ success in their eCommerce journey and beyond. It encompasses understanding our clients’ digital commerce objectives and entire business, designing strategies, empowering our teams to always be more innovative, and actively contributing to the wider ecosystem’s expansion by facilitating synergies.

How would you describe yourself?

The first attribute that comes to mind is out-of-the-box thinker. An innovator to me is someone that doesn’t take no for an answer, takes calculated risks, and disrupts when needed to deliver excellence and make a positive impact. An innovator also seeks to challenge themselves, keeps on learning but is humble about it. In my opinion, if you think you are the smartest person in the room, you are just in the wrong room.

What has been your biggest professional success so far?

Such a difficult question! But the truthful answer is, I am proud of the path that has led me where I am now – working with some of the brightest minds in our ecosystem and getting to learn from them. At 23, I started my career as a tech entrepreneur. Crashed it. Got back on track, worked in luxury and fashion in Europe, Asia and North America. Did a 180 and paused my career for two years to do my MBA at McGill University in Canada. Moved to the UK amidst Covid and merged my two backgrounds to work in tech for companies like Shopify and, now, Woolman, where I advise brands on their eCommerce journey. I wouldn’t change a thing about this journey nor the challenges I overcame because it defined who I am: not only as a professional but as an individual.

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What causes are you most passionate about?

Offering equal opportunities, promoting respect and inclusion.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce brands?

Being rational to make the biggest impact possible. I’ve worked with a variety of brands to execute their strategies by being efficient and making sense of the noise surrounding them. A lot of brands are influenced by trends and pulled in many directions that ultimately have limited effects on their performances and bottomline. I am a strong believer that our role in the digital commerce ecosystem is to leverage our expertise to advise and help brands craft unique and top-tier CX both online and offline and enhance their growth.

What's your favorite loyalty program or subscription offering from an eCommerce brand?

Alo Yoga! I have been buying their products for years and I am an absolute fan of them. When they launched their loyalty, I was absolutely thrilled. The user experience is great and just makes you want to buy more.

What do you geek out over?

I geek about so many things that are totally random and mismatched – horseback riding, F1, luxury brand strategies, understanding APIs… Oh and I am a total GIF queen and have the ability to communicate using just GIFs!