2024 Honorees

Nadia Lotter

Chief Digital Officer

“Innovative marketers need to be agile and love change. ”


Tell us about your company and role.

Aje is a fashion house dedicated to raw beauty, tough femininity and effortless cool. At Aje collective we curate brands across Fashion (Aje) , Lifestyle (Aje Athletica) and Wellness (Ikkari).

How would you describe yourself?

Mostly, as someone who doesn’t like describing themselves. I’m not into titles or writing about myself, so this is a little awkward (heart eye emoji).

What qualities does an innovator need to have?

Grit. Marketers are constantly getting feedback from stakeholders and customers on what they should do, and how they should do it. They are also constantly pushed to learn new things, new platforms, new technologies. Innovative marketers need to be agile and love change. 

What has been your biggest professional success so far?

When I look back on my career, the thing I am most proud of is the woman I have been able to develop and promote in their career. Seeing a young professional woman grow in her career is truly the most rewarding thing in business. 

Pattern art Pattern art

What causes are you most passionate about?

  • Female career development
  • Sustainable business operations
  • Technology enablement

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce brands?

Limited population growth in Australia makes it extremely difficult for brands to grow beyond a certain extent.

Growth is no longer as easy or cheap to predict or buy with the changing privacy conditions and customer behavior evolving across multiple platforms.

There is a talent shortage within brands and the reliance on agency models has never been higher and there simply is not enough being done on a university degree level to train and development new operators into the eCommerce industry.

What's your favorite loyalty program or subscription offering from an eCommerce brand?

Love the Frank Body program and how they have created a loyalty program with their community 

Boody’s loyalty program is great as well. I love how they have leaned into their brand pillar of sustainability to offer rewards based on recycling with them to truly make sure they connect with the true psyche of the customer .

What do you geek out over?

Eeeek, truthfully? Anything about Africa (where I am from) and Zombies (the end of the world). Right okay, now how would you describe me?