meet the 2021 honorees

Q&As with the change-making women we are honoring in 2021.

Sharon Chuter

CEO and Founder, UOMA Beauty

When I say I am involved in everything, I mean it.
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Max Summit

Director of Marketing, Athleta

I learned at a very young age the importance of embracing your own unique identity.
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Laura Burbedge

Director of Online, Waitrose

As a leader I am a coach, I don't micromanage.
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Ntola Obazee

Trading Director, Emma Bridgewater

My mindset has always been to embrace every opportunity as a chance to learn, grow, and develop.
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Jamie Levy

Head of Merchant Engagement, Shopify Plus

I love to experiment and encourage failing forward.
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Kelley Coleman

Executive Director of eCommerce, Tarte Cosmetics

I’m competitive but in a fun way, mostly competing with myself to get better.
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Sushma Zoellner

Vice President of Digital Product, H-E-B

Being stagnant is not in my DNA.
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Courtney Messerli

Associate Director, Content Strategy & Search, The RealReal

I lead with curiosity in everything that I do.
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Frances Tang

Founder, Awkward Essentials

It’s important for employees to learn by doing, so I empower them to take charge and work fearlessly.
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Kat Hanzalek

eCommerce Manager, Patagonia

I'm a creative data geek, enamored with the eCommerce world.
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Yoon-Ji Nam

Head of Growth, Magic Spoon

If you put smart, hard-working, and kind people in a team, the result will always be pure magic.
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Vernita Brown

CEO & Founding Employee, Natalist

I see one of my greatest superpowers as helping people find their own superpower.
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Megan Kothari

Founder, AARYAH

I wear 100 hats at all times which is challenging but keeps my day-to-day interesting.
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Karalyn Zamora

Co-founder, Recoop

I try to create a work environment that encourages curiosity and accepts failures as lessons.
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Michele Peters

Global eCommerce Marketing, UPS

I prefer to lead by example and then entrust my team to succeed and fail.
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Amy-Lee Cowey

Global Head of eCommerce, Barbour

I am a big believer in stepping away from the details to allow the team to build their own ideas.
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Dee Charlemagne

Co-Founder, AVEC

I love creating experiences that get people to mix — no pun intended.
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Somia Farid Silber

Vice President of eCommerce, Edible Arrangements

I am fortunate to have had amazing mentors and I am always finding ways to pay it forward.
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Sherene Perrier

Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Bouclème

It’s crucial to get to know and understand how your team members work on an individual level.
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Raji Behal

Head of Merchant Success, US, Klarna

My goal is to breed trust, respect, and transparency with my teams, so that everyone knows they have a seat at the table.
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Micki Krimmel

Founder, Superfit Hero

Most of my hobbies require helmets.
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Laur Fiatoa

Director of CRM, Helix Sleep

When your team sees that you have faith in their abilities, everyone is working toward a common goal without fear.
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Hailey Branham

Senior Account Manager, adQuadrant

I lead by example and through empowerment.
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Kelsey Moreira

Founder & CEO, Doughp

I love being able to excite everyone around our mission and keep them motivated to crush another day.
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Angelia Trinidad

CEO and Founder, Passion Planner

I thrive when I’m able to be a creative innovator thinking about solutions or new ideas that we can put out.
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Tabea Oppliger

Founder, KitePride

If you have the passion to win the right team to put your dream into reality, you can do anything!
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Stephanie Lavaggi

Art Director, CUUP

Hiring real talent, giving clear directives, and maintaining a unified vision allows for more trust and less micromanaging.
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Valerie Song

CEO, AVA Technologies Inc.

I am a passionate and bold leader that loves growing both plants and people.
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Shyna Hegde

Sr. Principal - Digital Commerce, Accenture

I am as good as my team is.
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Keri Williams

Marketing Director, Williams Commerce

I adopt a hands-on, direct approach to leadership.
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