2021 Honorees

Jamie Levy

Head of Merchant Engagement

“I love to experiment and encourage failing forward.”

Tell us about where you work and what you do there.

I head the Merchant Engagement Team at Shopify. I lead an incredible team that creates opportunities for brands to engage with each other and the right teams across Shopify. There is no tell-all book for being successful in this industry. There’s evolution every second of the day — across every time zone in the world — and the best way to share and inspire is by connecting people. I also volunteer as a leader for the LA chapter of Fuckup Nights, which is a global movement to create safe spaces for people to share professional failures.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a strong enneagram 7 (enthusiast!) who loves making connections and asking questions. I’ve never been a traditional student and have come to love learning by doing and seeing. I’m a mom to two rambunctious boys (ages 5 and 8) and love hiking, puzzles, Ted Talks, and listening to podcasts. I’m originally from Chicago but have lived in LA for the last 12 years.

What is your leadership style?

My leadership style is contingent on the individual. I truly believe nothing is one size fits all, and just like people have differing leadership styles, people have different needs and expectations of how they work best — and it can differ day to day and week to week. I work with individuals on my team to understand what works well for them and let them drive it. At the end of the day, I love to experiment and encourage failing forward. Similar to being a non-traditional learner, I have a non-traditional leadership approach. I give little pushes to get started down a path, but ultimately let each person steer their own ship.

What do you think has been your biggest professional success so far?

Every time I’m asked to speak or to write for a publication I’m honored. To be in a position where people actually want to hear or read my thoughts blows my mind — and that will never get old. It’s hard to pinpoint one actual event, but being honored as an amazing woman in eCommerce is definitely a highlight.

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What goals do you have for 2021?

I want to create more stability for my team to find creative ways to bring brands together. 2020 brought a lot of curveballs across the board, and if there’s one thing that I can accomplish to make commerce better for everyone, it’s clear a path for my team.

What do you think is the next big trend in eCommerce?

I think livestream shopping will continue to gain popularity in the coming year. We’ve seen live commerce take off in China and in APAC. As brands look to constantly create new, unique, and limited experiences, there’s a lot of room to grow here.

Name an eCommerce brand you admire and why.

Who Gives a Crap. Their fun brand voice bleeds into everything they do, from their online presence to unboxing and everything in between. They have a unique voice and clear purpose in an often-overlooked industry. They clearly stand out from the crowd.

What do you geek out over?

Golf; I was the captain of my high school golf team and would play every day if I could.