2022 Honorees

Paula Baker-Parkin

Head of Online

“I built a business from a little table in my living room to a six figure turnover with 10 members of staff.”

Rising Star2022

Tell us about where you work and what you do there.

I am the Head of Online at Nourished, a world-class personalized, 3D printed vitamins company, and look after all aspects of our online business, from the UX on the website through to jumping on the next hot Tiktok trend to help spread the word of Nourished.

How would you describe yourself?

A sucker for a problem and ginger pets. I love walking said ginger pets, over the Bronte Moors (think Kate Bush and Wuthering Heights) working out the solution to a problem. Overly competitive with my children on Just Dance and spend a little too much time working on building tiny muscles on my shoulders!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to see myself as a CEO for a company within the next 10 years.

What do you think has been your biggest professional success so far?

Whilst going through a divorce and looking after two young children, I decided to start my own print and design company. I built a business from a little table in my living room to a six-figure turnover with 10 members of staff in just under 2 years. Although it took many a sleepless night and an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears, the reward of knowing that this little piece of the world belonged to me made it all worthwhile.

To be able to get the help I needed during the first year, I took on two apprentices. I gained so much joy watching them grow from 18-year-olds without a care in the world to 20-year-olds who actually wanted to make a dent in the world that they use to care so little about. They were as proud as I was of what we had grown.

Pattern art Pattern art

What do you think is the next big trend in eCommerce?

Offering a personalized face-to-face experience with the aid of AI

Name an eCommerce brand you admire and why.

The Ordinary — anything but ordinary! Simple products with simple pricing but so incredibly powerful

What do you geek out over?

Content Aware Fill on Photoshop!