2022 Honorees

Isabel Tschuden

Head of Marketing, DACH

“I believe that success lies in making difficult decisions — the ones that ultimately bring you the most progress.”


Tell us about where you work and what you do there.

I work at Overdose. as the Head of Marketing for the DACH Region (including Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and am therefore responsible for all internal marketing together with another colleague of mine. This includes not only the social media presence on all our channels but also the creation of our own magazine which is called DIGI:MAG and is published three times a year as well as  communication with our partners to create content together. And last but not least, we are hosting several eCommerce events per year which are also mostly covered by my organization.

How would you describe yourself?

I am an extremely positive person who most of the time goes through the day with a smile and is always trying to spread my good mood (sometimes I try this through my somewhat sarcastic nature, ha ha)

I love to travel, especially in the summer or to countries where it is warm, because I am an absolute summer-loving person and from my point of view the sun should shine 365 days a year. Nevertheless, I also always like to come back home to Austria, because my family and friends, who all have a very special place in my heart, are here.

In my spare time, I also enjoy reading all kinds of books, with thrillers being a particular favorite.

What qualities do you think a great marketer needs to have?

I believe that you have to be interested in staying up-to-date on industry and marketing topics and that you should always see change as an opportunity and a challenge.

What do you think has been your biggest professional success so far?

In my opinion, one of my greatest successes in the course of my professional career was quitting a job that made me unhappy a few years ago. I didn’t hesitate for long and decided for myself that I didn’t want to be unhappy in my job for months and months. With this step and the following career change, I laid the biggest milestone for my professional success.

Now I have been working for several years in a job that fulfills me and in which I can develop. I am growing with my tasks, I have been given great responsibility and I am given the opportunity to develop in my career, which I gladly accepted. That’s why I believe that the step to the greatest professional success can often lie in making difficult decisions — the ones that ultimately bring you the most progress.

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What goals do you have for 2022?

With regard to my job, my goal is to continue to work with enthusiasm on a wide variety of topics and to constantly increase the quality standards I set for myself in order to present the company to the outside world in the best possible light. In addition, I would like to expand the cooperations with our partners in order to carry the partnerships we have to the outside world and to strengthen them.

I also wish to keep growing on a personal level, not only in business but also in private with many new changes and challenges I will face and which I already can’t wait to face.

What do you think is the next big trend in eCommerce?

I believe that Composable Commerce will be one of the most important topics in the coming months and years. I also believe that personalization will become increasingly important in all areas of the customer journey.

Name an eCommerce brand you admire and why.

As a person who has been wearing glasses since the age of three, I have to say that I am a big fan of Mister Spex. The company manages to combine online and offline very well, offers a huge selection of glasses, responds quickly to customer requests, and impresses with quality in fast delivery. Furthermore the online shop is quite easy to understand and customer-friendly in my opinion.

What do you geek out over?

Making other people happy, all kinds of baby animals (especially rabbits, dogs, and penguins), and nice sneakers.