meet the 2019 honorees

Q&As with the change-making women we honored in 2019.

Anna Mikkelsen

eCommerce Director, Catbird

First and foremost, learn to become an amazing problem solver.
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Anna Ohlsson-Baskerville

Director, Unilever

At the end of the day, the consumer is the fundamental driver of changes.
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Angela Johnson

Director, Strategy & Consulting, VaynerCommerce

Start a little side hustle, and learn the business yourself.
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Stacey Berman

Director, Digital Portfolio Management, C.S.M., Tory Burch

With chaos comes learning.
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Kristyn Levine

Vice President, Strategic Customer Engagement, Customer Success, Salesforce

If there’s an open door, look into it, and see what’s going on.
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Megan Brown

Vice President, Product Management (Digital), Beautycounter

Pick something you believe in and your passion will show in your work.
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Justine Mohr

VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Tibi

Don’t follow trends. Follow your customer.
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Michelle Frank

Director, Global eCommerce, Harman International (of Samsung)

Don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t be afraid to fail.
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Dana Testa

Global Head of Commerce, Partner Marketing, Magento

Find that passion and that fire in your belly and just go for it.
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JuE Wong

CEO, Moroccanoil

People are looking to brands for authenticity, not just lip service.
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Cassie Abel

CEO & Co-Founder, Wild Rye

In terms of launching something, just start. Wherever you’re comfortable.
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Ju Rhyu

CEO & Co-Founder, Hero Cosmetics

For females aspiring to become leaders, eCommerce is a training ground for future CEOs.
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Bethany Platter

Business Analyst Manager, LYONSCG

Never be afraid to ask why and to push the boundaries.
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Benish Shah

Vice President, Marketing, Raised Real

Don’t ask about someone’s success. Ask about the mountains they had to move to get there.
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Brianne Calandra

Solutions Architect, Accenture

The discomfort of a new challenge is a sign of growth.
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Ginger Yee

Manager, eCommerce & Digital, Digital Platforms, Accor Hotels

I love being in a space where we’re creating memories for people.
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Alix Peabody

CEO & Founder, Bev

You will never be ready. You might as well do it now.
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Muhga Eltigani

CEO & Founder, Muhga Eltigani

You will never be ready. You might as well do it now.
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Ekta Chopra

VP, Tech & eCommerce, e.l.f. Cosmetics

In this industry, you need to understand the content, the product, and the consumer.
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