2023 Honorees

Stacey Clarke

General Manager

“The choice to take a risk and venture outside of my comfort zone has molded me as a human being in the most positive, powerful way.”

Rising Star2023

Tell us about your company and role.

I’m the General Manager at B2C Furniture; makers of modern, mindful furniture that won’t cost the Earth, nor cost the Earth its survival. I absolutely adore my job. No day is the same and I thrive off the thrill of wearing many hats and being exposed to all the mechanisms of our business. Don’t be surprised to find me with clipboard in hand, with a hi-vis on in the warehouse, negotiating with suppliers in a boardroom, or chatting with customers in one of our showrooms — I’m no stranger to a red-eye flight!

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a vivacious old soul at heart that values authentic, deep-rooted connections. I lead an adventurous lifestyle both at work and at home, and often catch myself with my head in the clouds — literally and figuratively. 

I am a lover of good food and wine and I’m at my happiest when surrounded by upbeat energy and an abundance of giggles. I’m stubbornly strong-willed, don’t tell me I can’t do something because I will do everything in my power to find a way.

What has been your biggest professional success so far?

To grow a business from a turnover of less than 5M to over 20M within 3 years.

After a stint living overseas, I returned to Australia with two opportunities in front of me. One was a good, stable job, which paid well. The second was a vision for a brand that was in its early days but had the potential to be something of substance. I chose substance. 

It has led me to this wonderful world of opportunities, where I’ve met incredibly intelligent people, worked within different cultures, and constantly challenged my way of thinking by experience.

It felt like a no-brainer at the time, but looking back, the choice to take a risk and venture outside of my comfort zone has molded me as a human being in the most positive, powerful way.

What qualities make someone successful in the eCommerce industry?

Numero uno is passion! Fueled by your willingness to learn and the tenacity to chase it. 

Pattern art Pattern art

What causes are you most passionate about?

I’m a people person so social responsibility is always front of mind, as much as my environmental responsibility.

As a woman in leadership, you face scrutiny (as if we aren’t hard enough on ourselves!) and challenges, where often expectations are high for you to outperform to prove you’re capable. I’m not here to have a whine about it, rather to cultivate change.

I’m in a fortunate position, where I can advocate and educate towards the importance of sustainability in inclusion, diversification, and equality.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce brands?

Forming and nurturing connections is a fundamental part of human existence; the Business 2 Consumer (B2C) relationship is no exception. You need to know, understand and value your customer. Particularly in furniture, not only do you need to establish a credible online presence, you need to maintain the enticing and personalized “brick and mortar” experience that so many people still crave. The biggest challenge will be getting to know your customer with depleting sources of data. It’s crucial to have clear direction, whilst being agile enough to adapt alongside the ever-evolving beast that is eCommerce.

What's your favorite loyalty program or subscription offering from an eCommerce brand?

It all started with the good old stamp of the coffee card and the evolution of loyalty by eCommerce has been really cool to see. For someone who travels a fair bit, Qantas frequent flyer program has my vote, and they recently launched the “Green Tier” to reward members that make sustainable choices at home and when traveling. The incorporation of sustainability initiatives to loyalty is where brands need to be focusing.

What do you geek out over?

I’m fascinated by true crime docs and obsessed with creating and curating. My Instagram is flooded with fashion, architecture and interior styling.